11th edition – 2024

Les Cafés SATI


Cafés SATI, a family-owned and independent company from Alsace (France), has been roasting coffee since 1926, passing down exceptional know-how for three generations.
They carefully select coffee from all over the world to roast in Strasbourg at the port of the Rhine, where tradition meets innovation.
The Schulé family, the company’s owners, have a strong interest in contemporary art, design, and photography, and with the support of a network of European art schools and the expertise of the HEAR, they have perpetuated the sponsorship operation Les Talents SATI, now in its 9th edition in 2023.

Through Les Talents SATI, the company aims to support new talents while maintaining a close connection with its region and upholding sustainable economic and social commitments, environmental responsibility, and cultural and societal dimensions.
In recognition of its ethical and responsible approach, Cafés Sati was awarded the PME+ and Alsace Excellence labels in 2020.

Since 2019, the company has been partnering with the Strasbourg association Libre Objet to give old paintings a second life by transforming them into tote bags and other products. The association collects packaging scraps from the production lines to create tote bags, which are then sold by Libre Objet or distributed by Cafés Sati for advertising purposes.

These actions align with the company’s values of developing a sustainable, responsible, and fair economy.


more information on the corporate website : Les cafés SATI