11th edition – 2024

2022 winner

A window in Time

a work by Johannes Musiol & Ozan Güngor
from Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, Basel (CH)

Johannes Musiol is a German based designer who’s working between Freiburg im Breisgau and Basel. He has a background in cultural anthropology and psychology as well as in design. He’s working in the fields of graphic design, user interface design, and photography.

His main interest is to understand different perspectives, to create good experiences for other people. To gain a deep understanding of those perspectives, design research plays an important role in his everyday practice. As a graphic designer Johannes is mainly focusing on applied graphic design in the field of branding, advertising, and business communication. In his work as a photographer, he tries to show the everyday life of people from all over the world. He closely observes how they live and work within their specific social contexts.

Ozan Güngor is a Turkish-born designer/artist, currently living and working in Basel. Having his background in architecture and design, he works within the fields of speculative design, architecture, and research.

Interested in making sense of spaces since the early years of his studies, Ozan developed his practice of creating spaces both in physical and non-physical realms. He shifted his practice towards using the non-physical space to express himself since early 2020, where he produced various artefacts ranging from digital interactive installations to virtual exhibitions.

Currently he is doing research at the Academy of Art and Design Basel in the field of artistic practice in virtual and non-virtual spaces and continuous to produce personal work.


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President of the jury 2022
Alice Motard
Head of CEAAC
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L'Art qu'à fait Sati
April 27, 2023
Hochparterre (Verlag für Architektur, Planung und Design-CH)

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